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Mommy Makeover is a term used by plastic surgeons to explain a particular mix of operations done at the same time. The goal of these specific surgeries should be to bring back a woman’s body shape and proportions to what she loved prior to impact of pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. Combining these procedures is something that has been utilized for quite some time. The technologies is not new, however there's been improvement of the gold standard methods as they are performed during a single surgical setting. There happen to be substantial upgrades in anesthesia, the reduction of loss of blood, and in protection against significant problems, like thrombus ultimately causing pulmonary embolism (blood clots that move and lodge inside the respiratory system).
The Mommy Makeover combination commonly encompasses a breast augmentation , a breast lift or perhaps sometimes both. In certain cases, it may be a breast reduction. In addition to the breast surgical treatment is a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction for sculpting. Mommy Makeover procedures are customized to the individual patient’s needs.
The subsequent flow charts have a relatively distinct category for each element of the Mommy Makeover; they could be used to make it easier for a female in studying the alternative ideas readily available their case.
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Breast Enlargement
It's quite common for a woman’s breasts to change shape and lose size due to having a baby and nursing. Breast enlargement has become the most commonplace procedures performed by plastic surgeons across the nation today , and either saline as well as silicone implants can bring back volume to your breasts. Breast enhancement could be the most simple breast procedure for a Mommy Makeover because of the small incision combined with minimal recovery time. Refer towards the flow graph and or chart to decide if breast enhancement is the best solution.

1. A breast lift (mastopexy) moves the breast area higher on the chest wall
2. Short Scar or lollipop incision
3. Peri-areolar incision, although this procedure normally requires a breasts implant, as it can have a flattening effect.
 A breast lift is advised in the event the nipples have relocated in to a lower location, and may also be pointing down, rather than in a forward location. The style of lift that is selected is based on the length the nipple-areolar complex needs to be lifted as well as the magnitude of loose skin which is present. The intent behind a breast lift should be to offer the breasts a more younger configuration.
Breast Augmentation with a Lift
To be able to get back or add fullness to their breasts, some women may select breast enlargement to be completed in addition to a breasts lift. The effect of childbearing along with breastfeeding on the breasts usually results in diminished breasts size. A breast lift by itself may not attain the volume level a women wants which is when breast augmentation provide the best answer. Breast implants can be combined with any of these breast lift techniques. The final result will be elevated younger looking breasts with breast volume professionally modified for each and every woman.
Breast Reduction
A female with very large breasts before having a baby could find her breasts have maintained their over all size, but have a much less beautiful, far more elongated structure after pregnancy. Many of those women elect to have a breast reduction using their Mommy Makeover. For these women, a breast reduction will create breasts that will be smaller, roundly shaped, and elevated. In certain instances, the breast reduction part of the Mommy Makeover may perhaps be covered by medical insurance.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
The Tummy Tuck is definitely the core procedure of the Mommy Makeover, since the appearance of the stomach is often the primary concern for the person. Pregnancy expands the abdominal wall structure and irreversibly stretches out your skin. This generates a protruding tummy with loosened skin that's damaged with stretch marks and often a misshapen navel. Multiple child birth and twin pregnancies only amplify these changes. If a c-section has been carried out, this may lead to further distortion within the mid-section. After some time, some c-section blemishes will build up a over-hanging ledge of fatty skin combined with tissue. The Abdominoplasty surgery will provide a new incision, revise any kind of undesirable c-section scare tissue, tighten up the interior abdominal wall structure, produces a more attractive belly button, and reduce any looseness of the abdominal skin. At the very least , many of the stretch mark scars will probably be eliminated with the excision of excessive skin that is part of the Tummy Tuck surgery. The result can be significant and long-lasting.

Liposuction treatment
Liposuction treatment is performed in conjunction with the Abdominoplasty to accentuate the midsection and add more definition with the mid-section. This is a crucial part of almost any Mommy Makeover. A nicely contoured waistline blends within the flattened abdomen in a natural way. Similarly, a narrowed waist enhances the actual proportions produced by the breast procedure. The effect can be a physique which looks much like what the client had prior to her pregnancy or pregnancies.
The client may have difficulties standing straight approximately a week a result of the skin being pulled as well as snugly stitched. As the patient is increasingly able to stand upright, the stomach assumes a firm, contoured physical appearance. Bruising will likely be present for about a couple weeks, however puffiness has a tendency to persist a couple weeks longer and is also determined by the amount of liposuction performed. Pain medicine, and very commonly a pain pump, is supplied by the aesthetic surgeon for pain management. It may take as much as six months before the final surgical outcome is fully evident.
The Mommy Makeover constitutes probably the most challenging recoveries in the realm of aesthetic plastic surgery. Comprehensive pre-operative together with post-operative education of the patient as well as her loved ones are essential to get a smooth and successful recovery. The early matters tend to be pain control, early ambulation, and management of the dressings together with drains. By the next week, the patient is fairly comfortable with walking, eating, and travel to the doctor’s clinic for visits. With the third week will come the biggest advancements towards the patient’s go back to her regular activities. She can drive, get back to work, and carry out many domestic duties. Once 6 weeks of recuperation are actually completed, a patient can resume formal training, if desired.
As with every surgical procedures, there are risks involved. The risks include bleeding, an infection, small difficulty with the incision or perhaps navel, and the side effects of general anesthesia. Probably the most feared complication is thrombus (thromboembolism) plus the scattering of blood clots to the respiratory system (pulmonary embolus). This complication has caused dying, and as a consequence, cosmetic surgeons take great care in getting ready the patient for surgical treatment and teaching a patient and family. Not all patients are candidates with the operations being executed in one surgical setting. Depending on the patient’s overall health and preferences, the particular surgeries may be completed a couple stages.
Mommy Makeover cost varies considerably, depending on the geographical location of the individual and also the different combinations of the surgical procedures performed. In many instances, the most basic Mommy Makeover procedure will cost you about $18,thousand, with more complex and extensive procedures.
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